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Blood Tests & Other Results

You may obtain your results of any tests by telephoning the Surgery.
Please telephone between 2 – 4 pm

Please be aware that blood test results usually take up to 5 working days and X-ray results usually take one to two weeks to reach us.

If you have been given a form for a blood test you can have this taken at the following local hospitals WITHOUT making an appointment

Please use the following link to check the location of the relevant department and opening times.

Tip  -  if you arrive at opening time it is likely you will have to queue.  If you arrive from 2 p.m. onwards it is likely you will be seen within 20 minutes.  Obviously you must take into account if you have been asked to undertaken a fasting blood test.

If you prefer to have your blood test at the Surgery, it is necessary to make an appointment.  Please call 01895 488810 to book a blood test.

You can also make an appointment in person at the Trust Reception desk (situated on the left as you enter the Surgery).

In all cases it is essential you bring your blood test form with you when the blood is taken.

ALWAYS phone for your results.

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